The lead guitar sound in that song is phenomenal! I want to know how to get that tone, anyone know?!?!?

I'm aware that a lot of the guitar parts in the album were dubbed over a few times to sound more 'beefy' and I also know that most of the instruments on the album were Fender single coils.

Pretty much what I'm asking is does anyone know of an amp that can get that high-gain cranked vintage Marshall sound? I know I could just get a vintage Marshall, but there has to be a modern amp with a bit more modern features that has that sound.

I've already tried Mesa Dual Recs, so that's a no, but I'm thinking maybe a company I don't know as much about?

It's much appreciated, thanks!
- alwaysdancing
I assume you mean the chorus, cos the intro/interlude's lead guitar is the exact opposite of beefy (it is an envelop and a some weak phaser).

The problem is you'll never be able to sound like Mike Sapone's magic distortion/fuzz rig. He has pedals and pedal combination that nobody has heard of.

The "lead" guitar in the chorus is just as you think, basically a high gain vintage amp.

Same with Welcome To Bangkok, you will NEVER get that fuzzy tone, ever (heck, the band even doesn't know how to recreate their album tone!)

But yeah, something with hot pups and a vintage high gain amp is the only advice, which you already know.. Perhaps somebody can tell you how to emulate this, but I cannot
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Well thanks for trying!

I'd like an old Marshall, but then I'd have to send it somewhere to get modded, and I'd want a master volume cause I can't always play at rockstar volumes, so alas... my search continues!