so i've been playing an acoustic for about a half a year, never really ****ed around with electricity. I borrowed my nephews epiphone and amp and jammed for half an hour and came up with this today. I ****ed up a couple pinch harmonics an some other stuff. It's a love song

what should i work on?
is it of any recognizable quality?
i don't ever play for other people, except my ex.
Well, I'm pertty certian it sounded much better to you when you where playing, the quality really sucked, made it sound like you where a 7 year old that just started learning how to play.
which I know your not because I was watching your hands, and your pertty good for having only played for half a year and that being only on acoustic. I would reccomend alot less distortion, and mabey a better mic for recording instead of using a web cam mic, or whatever you used.

I cant really judge the song because I couldent make out what you where playing, sorry man, but if you rerecord it with like a sound recorder program and go and buy like a $30 usb voice mic(like me) and record that way, it should sound much better.

Could you take a look at something I'm working on? I need some help with it.

thanks, i'll try to get a mic, it did sound a lot better to my ear rather than through the computer speakers, i figured screw it though.
what you're working on though, that's friggin sweet, dunno how i can help but it really sounds good
ok first the guitar, well doesn't make a great help, then mmm the song didn't have any sequence for me it was a lame jamming session, i think you should better improove your playing skills, then woryr about writing songs