I'm planning on subscribing to a guitar magazine but I don't know which one to subscribe too?

Your thoughts?

Magazine has to have:
-gear ads
-maybe some lessons
-interesting guitar related info

EDIT: I posted this thread here since it is guitar related.
Ultimate guitar magazine.

No really, I don't know because I have never subscribed to any.
I subscribe to both Guitar World and Guitar Player. Together, they cover all the bases.
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I really like Guitar World, although I find the lessons to be either too basic or uninteresting. Great interviews, though.
Almost everything can be found on the Internet now a days.

In all honesty, unless it's free, I wouldn't sign up for any guitar magazines
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I've been subscribed to Guitar World for a while now, and I gotta say, it hasn't really disappointed me yet.
Guitar World if you want all the latest gossip.
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The magazine you described is basically Total Guitar. They have around 6 songs tabbed each issue, plenty of gear stuff, and a few lessons.
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