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I've never been sick. Ever. (I am Bruce Willis in Unbreakable)
7 7%
About once every year or two
40 41%
2-3 times a year
37 38%
4-6 times a year
3 3%
More than 6 times a year (all the f****** time)
10 10%
Voters: 97.
I've never really thought about it much, but now that I do, I'm curious how much other people get sick, 'cause I do about 1-3 times a year
I just realized that in my last three years of work I haven't taken a single sick day.
Goodness gracious me!
really sick, like puking more that 4 or 5 times...

probably no more than once a year.
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i'm always sick, doing sick things, being all around sick.

....once a year
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Quite frequently
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I'm hardly ever REALLY sick, normally I get a flu or some **** about now (Which I've kept up the trend this year, I feel like absolute ****) but normally it's once or twice a year I'm really sick, and every couple of weeks I'll feel a bit crud, like a headache, sore throat or whatever.
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Very rarely. I haven't puked in the past few years, and I've only taken sick days due to a lack of sleep.
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I've missed school pretty much once in the last 6 or so years, and I had rheumatic fever.

That being said, I have colds all the ****ing time. Especially during winter. I think I only had one this summer.
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I get sick a lot. I have a minor stomach virus right now.
If i do get sick its not bad enough to call in sick, however. Yesterday i came down with the flu and feel like crap today. Haven't been this sick since I was a kid.
Once i was so sick i threw up every 15 minutes. And watched way to much Heroes.
I'm back. Cower in fear, mortals.

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how sick is sick?
i only miss 2-3 days of school because of sickness
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I rarely get real sick. I will get a small cold maybe once or twice a year, but I don't really call that sick. I guess, I'm just lucky.
every year or so. Last few years I got really ill once. I passed out and broke 2 foreteeth.

It hurt.
With some of the music out now days, pretty often.
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I get one or two minor colds at winter, which don't count as real sickness. Aside from that, I don't think I've really been ill in about 4 years, and I know I haven't taken a single sick day in the last two years (most of the ones before that being due to highly exaggerated symptoms)

EDIT: V The last time I described my immune system as epic, people looked at me like a freak
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I only get sick if I'm hungover, but other than that, never. I have an epic immune system.

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I only ever get sick if something emotionally trying happens. It's weird. Like, if I'm in good spirits, I could do insane sh** and be fine. But when I'm in one of my depressive moods, anyone coughing or sneezing on me could get me very very ill.
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Get the sniffles like once a year, but I haven't been really sick since I started high school 3 years ago (Only time I threw up is when doc gave me pain killers and nausea was a side effect)
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I usually get the flu maybe 2-3 times a year. So far only once this year.
Ive gone 5 years without even so much as a cold. So if I get this god damn ****ing Swine Flu I am going to punch every last baby I come into contact with. Ill be pissed.

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I've never really thought about it much, but now that I do, I'm curious how much other people get sick, 'cause I do about 1-3 times a year

i hardly ever get sick. sometimes i get almost sick. like ill have a stuffy nose and a cough for like a day or two but then it never gets worse and just goes away. but maybe like once a year or two i get really sick. so far ive worked at my job for 2 years and never taken a sick day so i guess im due for a big one some time soon.
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With some of the music out now days, pretty often.

i lol'd
I always have a cold or flu or something on and off through the year from being around so many people all the time. But if we're talking puking, mummified in blankets, all drugged up, and getting "I hope you don't die" cards, then maybe once or twice a year, for a max of two days straight.
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