A few weeks ago, I was in a pawn shop looking at some gear and the salesguy offered me a Bugera 333XL-212 for $300. I don't know if the guy was being stupid of what.
So, I asked him to hold it and I'd be back in 2 months with the money.
Yeah dude that's a hell of a deal. Those sell for about $700 brand new. What kind of music do you play? As long as you don't play jazz or something with no distortion, then this amp can pretty much do it all (Except death metal and maybe some super dark metalcore imo. The gain is there, but it is voiced pretty bright for this style.) You might want to check and see what the date code on the back is. I heard anything that was made in Feb. of 2008 and later is much more reliable. I'll check my date code for you tomorrow. P.S. I don't know if most places will hold something for 2 months. You might want to give them a deposit if you didn't.
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Play it first... there's probably something wrong with it if he's selling it that cheap.


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Yeah, if there's nothing wrong with it and you're looking for a good hard rock/metal amp. Buy it. Thats a hell of a deal.
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Yeah that's a great deal as long as everything works ok. If you want to be sure that he'll still have it you should put a deposit on it, but make sure that you get a receipt. Some of those small business people aren't too honest, at least in my area.
Ask him about a warranty. It is a good price for the amp, unless it breaks down. Knowing Bugera's track record thats a very real possibility.
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