So my friends and I started making a song but it still needs much more work. We have a basic chord progression but it needs a hook and parts that don't just repeat over and over and over and over and we're not really sure how to go about doing that. (None of us are that far into music theory right now)

What we need to know is how to find parts that fit together but don't just use the same notes, hopefully finding a hook or other parts for the song (verse, chorus). How would you do this?

Is there a smooth way to switch between scales or keys without it sounding odd?

Edit: (Took out the progression because it isn't relevant to the question)
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Who's going to stop you? The music police?
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We can't really write your song for you. I suggest going farther into theory, helps with writer's block.
Learn more theory. Play what you hear in your head (not what theory 'tells' you to play).

We aren't going to write a song and give it to you. There really aren't any rules about any of this anyways, so we can't give you any more advice on how.
I didn't want you to write it, I was just wondering if there were any tips on how to do it.

Thanks anyways.
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Who's going to stop you? The music police?
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I'm don't know how much thoery you already know, but I would say just learn more. Unless you're amazingly creative, you won't be able to write good songs without knowing at least the basics.

You already have a chord progression, that's a start. Do you know what key it's in? If so, you should know what scales/chords you can use for other parts of the song, just experiment and mess around with it, if there's a group of you then the song will probably just develop itself, it usually does for me, even if I'm writing on my own.

One thing I would say is to try and get some vocals down, a lot of songs only have a few notes, listen to Inbetween Days by The Cure or Forbidden by D'espairsRay, but the vocals make the song interesting, so don't worry too much about the guitar being too different and interesting in each part, as the rest of my band do, as the vocals make the song most of the time.

Just keep trying, you probably won't write very good songs if you've just started trying, my first ideas for songs were dreadful, but you'll get better the more you try and the more you learn.
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