I know that this is a guitar webstite and all, but i need to know the piano chords and tabs for straight into darkness by Tom Petty. I've gotten the basic chords from another site, but they weren't right. If you know them or can figure them out, that would be much appreciatted. If you know where you can find the sheet music (prefferably free) that would help too, because I can't find it anywhere.
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I'll give it a listen.

EDIT: Bad song is bad.

It's also not even on piano?

You must be listening to a live version. Those are no good if you can find a non-live version you'll see it's piano on the intro.

Here is a good version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eIQ_yZilY4.
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This might be kind of a late answer, but I just searched for the same thing and found nothing, so in case you haven't figured it out, I think I did:

The original recording is not on 440hz, but Aminor/Cmajor will get you pretty close. There are live recordings that are in lower keys. anyway Amin will be easy to play and sound right.

For Intro And Verse play the following with your left hand:
|:G F | Am G:| and leave out the thirds and just play the fifths (powerchords)
then you'll just have to play the tiny melody with your right hands, I guess you can hear them wel on the recording, it should be something like:
a,d, a,g, a,g, a,g
|: G F | Am G | G F | Am G :|

the last rep before the chorus and the chorus itself will be:

G F Am G/B
Then one day the feeling just died

| C | G Am <- That is repeated
we went straight into darkness


G Am D
...Straight into night

Oh give it up to me I need it
Girl, I know when I see it
Baby wrong or right I need it

and back to the main theme with the piano melody an octave up...

I think you'll get the rest. Hope yall have fun with it

Great Song!

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This might be kind of a late answer


kind of late?

you're five fucking years late yo, TS is probably dead already
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kind of late?

you're five fucking years late yo, TS is probably dead already

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