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My favorite is Searchbar grey
but seriously, i think its called caramel gold? I posted pics of my strat in this color in a thread of the same name a few weeks ago.
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Surf green or vintage white.
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My favorite is Searchbar grey

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LE shoop? It must be rad. And yes, I see potential.

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Done so many times.....

...3-Tone Sunburst
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Probably Arctic/Olympic white (but only with a maple fretboard), or candy apple red (with maple fretboard also)

Poll would be nice
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Black or 2 tone sunburst.
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I was always a fan of chrome red.
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Lake Placid Blue....

I am bias though.
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3/2 Tone Sunburst, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Gold Hardware, White Pickups/covers and knobs w/ Rosewood Fretboard. The ultimate in Strat class.

Shoreline Gold w/ Rosewood Fretboard

Daphne Blue w/ Maple Fretboard

British Racing Green, Black-White Triple Racing Stripe w/ Rosewood Fretboard

That last one is what I might make my Squier or a future guitar of mine look like.
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white blonde.
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Does scratchplate colour come into this topic?

Personally like someone else said, two tone sunburst and maple neck looks great imo,

But also, a white body with a tortoiseshell scratchplate looks like an orgasm with strings.
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mmmm the white blonde one looks nice

little of topic but i really like the tele with black pickguard and red paint, shame there arent any cheap versions of teles in this colour
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Olympic white probably.
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2 tone sunburst with a maple neck. Just looks classy IMO.

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Olympic White and Sunburst

But both with Rosewood fretboards

Also Dick Dale's strat has a nice mustard color
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Candy apple red with a Maple neck!!! Or Lake placid Blue with a maple neck. Something about them two colors.
3 tone sunburst or surf green
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Maple necks are awesome with 3 tone sunburst, but rosewood fingerboards go best with surf green IMHO.
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Transparent green on flamed maple... sublime

*matching jumper was accidental

What color is your car? lol.

Jeff Beck in Surf Green or Strat Plus Candy are my two favorites.
fav strat.jpg
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i guess mine were always lake placid blue or sea foam green....... but i found a strat body on that has the same "faded blue jean" burst finish as some high end prs guitars and its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
Not exactly a strat, but best combo ever: Vintage white + Red Tort = WIN

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