Im looking into buying a double bass but i dnt know any good brands or anything, do you know any that are good and are between 1000 and 2000$?
Needs a double bass, suggestions?
I recommend renting one first. Its only like $50 for a month, and that way you can figure out if you really want to make the purchase before paying $2000.
Thanks but do you know a good place to rent from?
Needs a double bass, suggestions?
^most music stores who deal in orchestra and band instruments will do a rent to buy. Usually they require a small deposit and a monthly fee. Also check the used market on craigslist and Ebay; there are some really good deals now. But its definitely a "try before you buy" since Curbstomp is right--variations between instruments can be major.
You have your location listed as Calgary in your profile so you most likely have a Long & McQuade nearby. They carry double basses and if your local store doesn't have one, they will bring in for you to try.

They also have a rent to own and also a school band program. I outfitted the kids with orchestral instruments for years on rentals from them, saved damage to my personal instruments (the school band program comes with free repairs).
engliheart is great i dont know how to spell though. My next double bass will most likely be one of those or similar.
In your price range you can get some amazing laminate bass's, which i would highly recommend over a fully carved bass at your price.
Christopher bass's are also great hybrid bass's and well worth a look.
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Quote by Fshhaaw
Thanks but do you know a good place to rent from?

Its different for every area, but try to find the place that your local school district rents instruments from because they usually have the best prices. I know that for the chicago area, its quinlin and fabish
Thanks! I'll look into Long and McQuade
Needs a double bass, suggestions?
I doubt you'll be able to get a bass for under 2000CAD...

I rented a double bass from L&M, and it was 2500 I think, for a student bass. I think you should rent from there, but not buy there. For that price, you might be able to get something a little nicer. Oh, and it was 2500 for 1/2 size -_-

I've heard nice things about Engelhardt. Check out mf and gollihur