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Marshall Vintage Modern
3 43%
Dr.Z EZG 50
1 14%
Orange Dual Terror
2 29%
Orange Rocker 30
1 14%
Music Man HD-130
0 0%
Voters: 7.
right i've made a few of these, but i've got an updated list. i've been searching for a new amp for a while now, and i've narrowed it down to these choices
a) Marshall Vintage Modern
b)Dr. Z EZG-50
c) Orange Dual Terror
d) Orange Rocker 30
e) Music Man HD-130 (used)

my styles are: blues, hard rock, country, folk, and a very small amount of jazz. think Led Zeppelin, Cream, Dire Straits, Black Crowes, etc.

I don't want to be using too many pedals other than a compressor, a fuzz face (occasionally, i'd rather go for the natural overdrive) a wah pedal, and occasionally a delay pedal.

my guitars are
-2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard
-2006 Gibson EDS-1275
-Fender American Standard Strat
-ESP LTD H-400

if you're gonna write me up a short review or something, please make sure you've actually played or own the amp...

EDIT: by the way, i've played all the amps i've listed many times, i just love them all equally and can't decide, in case anyone is wondering.
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the Vintage Modern is the only one I've played and I think it suits your styles perfectly man. It is definitely more "vintage" than "modern." It has that classic tube tone and I think it sounds better than any Marshall I've ever played for that classic rock/blues (I've played Jcm 800s,900s,2000s, JVM, never a Plexi though). So....since I'll say that one since it's the only one I've used, but I can say it suits what you want very well.
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