Im looking for bands that play electro music like Art vs Science and Does it offend you yeah, just looking for any suggestions on some good quality ones.
yeah like that i have already heard a bit of crystal castles and really liked there stuff
Fuck rights, I believe in something... even a guy like Merlin you know?
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shiny toy guns, klaxons, ratatat, and if you like crystal castles you should probably look at the other bands that usually get compared to them; heartsrevolution, you lover her coz she's dead and kap bambino.
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man i hell loved all those songs, seeing crystal castles in a couple of days at a festival looking forward to it
I know wat u mean man
i love the sound of electronic sounds with distorted guitars
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I can believe kill cheerleader broke up and this is what ethan deth does now
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Thanks, douche.

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