So the two amps im considering are a new bugera 333xl and a used peavey 6505 plus.

I'm definitely leaning towards the peavey, but i just wanted to check with the experts.

The amp needs to be able to handle low tunings (i tune to drop A for one of my bands) have a good high gain distortion sound, and have decent cleans.

favorite bands are emarosa, agraceful, whitechapel, suicide silence.

the used peavey (just the head) is going for 550 used on ebay and the 333xl is 600 (ish?) new.
if you want desirable cleans dont go with the peavey, the peavey still sounds amazing for dirt though

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I'm not looking for perfect cleans, just something semi bright so i can strum open chords and do some clean delay stuff and have it sound okay.