Hey, I'm wanting to buy a really good delay pedal, and the one I'm looking at is a Tech 21 Boost D.L.A w/ Tap Tempo:


The problem is if I buy it over here it sets me back $460AUD... but I can buy it off an eBay seller for $202AU, and pay $46AU for international express shipping - a total of $250, a saving of $200AU+!!

I'm a bit hesitant to purchase internationally though, so has anyone had any experience with doing this kind of this?

Lots of USA sellers won't sell internationally, but you're best bet is to log in and ask him a question, they usually answer back within a day.
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This person (well, a huge shop - 12000+ all postive feedback) does ship internationally.

Fingers crossed this all works out - a saving of $200 is heaps.
So far I've purchased four pedals from America and everything has gone well. There are some good savings to be made and although it depends on the person selling it, everything usually goes pretty smoothly so I would personally recommend it.
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How much would they be? I've never had any experience with them before. Marsbe, have you ever had to pay customs fees?
You only need to pay customs fees on items valued at over $1000 coming into Australia.
You should have no problems buying from overseas from a reputable seller.
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Yeah, customs and gst only apply to items over 1000 dollars value, including shipping. hurts when you ship an expensive guitar -.-
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I bought a wah pedal from the US.Saved about $100 and didn't have to pay any taxes.It's all good.
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No you would just need a power adapter from AUS. I wish the AUS stores reciprocated with a no hassles policy of shipping here. There was a link posted here once of a store in AUS selling wah pedals for 20$ but wouldnt ship here. Even if the wah wasnt much to talk about the housing was worth 20$.