"The Mistake"

I was pissed at the moon one day
because it wouldn't leave me alone.
I cursed out the stars for being so proud
cause it couldn't leave me alone.

I once was the king of the night
until everything got out of control.
I decided which star was to shine
and at what time would come up the sun.

I was asked by the breeze
how cold did I want the night to be.
The wolves only howled at my fingers tips
and terror was my company.

Ever since that day of confusion,
my one and only mistake.
I took you in through my eyes
and I've never been the same again.
Last edited by remarusa at Sep 13, 2009,
Good job! I like how you didn't just tell us what the song was about right away, strait in your face lyrics with no room for Interpretation. Instead you described what it was about, what the feeling was like for you. Nice.