How much was it? And describe it. For me it was The Melting Pot. It's a fondue place in the US that runs about $45 per person. It starts off with a pot of cheese and they bring bread and apples to dip in it. Then they bring the entree (I got chicken, shrimp, sirloin, filet mignon, and potatoes) that you have to dip in cooking oil. Then dessert which is a pot of chocolate and comes with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, rice krispy treats, and cake to dip in it. It was probably the best meal I've ever had in my life. I've only been once though....

Your turn.


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Red Lobster.

Went there for my sweet sixteen.

Yea...we're poor.
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In seriousness, it was this one restaurant that i went to with my friend i got a burger that was 20 bucks.
Also when it was my friends birthday. I had like 5 pieces of chicken wings for like 30 bucks.
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It was some local lobster place in Mexico while me and my family were on vacation...they had live lobster there and you got to pick which one you wanted
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I went to Le Marais in NYC. Had me some nice crusted tuna appetizer, Steak au Poivre, and some other delicious French **** for dessert. We shared.

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idk...either the restaurant on top of the space needle in seattle, or theres this place in tokyo thats really expensive. dont know exact prices so i cant compare properly
I ate at a place called "Tom Selleck's House" (no joke) each meal was $170 no matter what you ordered, and it was amazing. Also the portions were very large.....weirdest place I ever ate...
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Moto at Chicago
$500 for 3 people.
They use molecular gastronomy!
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I went to Le Marais in NYC. Had me some nice crusted tuna appetizer, Steak au Poivre, and some other delicious French **** for dessert. We shared.

A yumstack!

OMG that place is AMAZING! But I haven't been there since like the late 90's when I was about 4 or 5

Anything in the Bahamas is ****ing expensive. Seriously my chinese dumplings costed 72 bucks, not to mention they were cold.
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I went on vacation with my friend and his family once, and they're fairly rich. We stopped at this restaurant in Connecticut and for 5 people, the bill came out to about 650 dollars.

If it helps any, the filet mignon I had was ****ing divine.
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For me it was The Melting Pot.

Your turn.

Same for me, that place has amazing food doesn't it?
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How much was it? And describe it. For me it was The Melting Pot.

Same here. I was out about $100 that night. It was delicious though.
A real nice place downtown. It was $80 total for me and my date.
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When I was in Germany we ate at a castle and they brought out like 9 courses. I don't know how much the whole meal was, but my steak alone was 40 euros.
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Brilliant observation.

I once went to a very extravagant Micky D's. There was like... a piano in the corner. The lighting was awesome. There were real plants in there. A whole window on the roof decoration thingy along with gold plated decorations on the ceiling.

And there were business people having a meeting in there.

I just got my cheeseburgers, fries, drinks, and went on my way.

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Probably the Grand Luxe Cafe in Chicago or Landry's Seafood in Branson, MO. They don't freaking mess around at those places though. I got a plate of spaghetti at the Grand Luxe that probably weighed 3 pounds and had mushroom slices and steak in the sauce, and Landry's has seafood to rival the coasts.

BTW, Grand Luxe Cafe FTW
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Blue Bayou in Disneyland. I felt so bad because I was there with my friend for his birthday, and I ordered one of the more expensive things intending to chip in, but his dad wouldn't let me pay for any of it.
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Probably some Italian place on my 15th, Lucky I didn't get the bill.
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the crown conservatory - seafood buffet $48 per person for my parent's 25th anniversary. and that's Australian dollars.
Or maybe this restaurant we went to up in the mountains somewhere which cost $400, but there was about 12 people, so I suppose it wasn't that much per person.
Some French place in the island of Antigua. The bill was around $250 for four people. That place had probably the best duck I ever had.
A place in Iran my Uncle took me, No idea how much it was or what it was called but it was amazing. There was a football team that had come out to eat there. Could see all over Shiraz from the window. Freakin' awesome steak. omnomnom.

Also: The same Uncle's wedding was pretty massive. It was a massive buffet. The wedding was in a gigantic tent like thing in a field, the buffet room must have been like 8 times the floor space of a normal house. Bit vague but I don't know good number measures :L
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I went to the restaurant in Italy that invented fettechini alfredo and had a few different entree's and it ran about $200 a person. Damn good though!
There was one restaurant on Vancouver Island that was pretty fancy and we weren't even allowed inside of it. I was about 13 years old at the time, and my family and I were all dressed in casual jeans and tshirts. The lady working at the front claimed that the restaurant was too full to allow us in but it was honestly half empty. Damn pretentious people!
The Leela Palace in Bangalore.

One lemonade cost 180 rupees.

(just more than 3 dollars)

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Although no specific places instantly jump to mind, I'd think the majority of fancy steak houses I've been to have probably been the most expensive. Hell, there was one where they thought they were being awesome by keeping the lighting in the place so low they gave you flashlights to see the menu. What the hell is that?
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My boss took me and half of his friends to Atlantic city and took us to some 4* restaurant.
I have no idea what it cost but i do know the after dinner brandy he got for us was 200-250 a shoot. Times that by like 12 and that was what he spent on just the brandy.