...within the bounds of the UG forums, are we speaking of Hardcore Punk? Or is there some other style of music that you kids are calling Hardcore now?

Because if it's the Punk style than shouldn't it be grouped with the Punk threads?

Just curious.
All kinds of hardcore, including a lot of hardcore like Bulldoze with less punk influence, as well as metalcore, deathcore, and things of that sort.
anything ending in core generally

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Post-Hardcore too
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If it's 80's hardcore, they'll talk about in the punk thread.

if it's like Ramallah and Blood For Blood, they talk about it here.
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So can we talk about Grindcore then?

Of course. If we get stuck with crappy metal bands, we're sure as hell not letting them take all the good punk.
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why are their so many similar dumb threads this week?
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