Yeah it's a pretty cool guitar part, and an interesting vocals part.

From my end sounded pretty decent. In the beginning, the vocals were a lil' iffy but it got better further into the song. I'm a flutist and I just thought adding a flute part in there would really add to the feel. Hah. But I'm not too sure on that, so don't hold me to it. :p

It was alright, I'm not a big fan of phyidelic music, I think its weird sounding. But it was still a good song, I can relate. The voices kinda didnt work to complement each other at some points in the song, and something more than just an acoustic might of been nice, mabey a light drum and a bass. The playing wasent bad, but you could improve a few things, like going into the chours it goes from a major key to a minor, its kinda too much of a change from the rest of the song.

But still, not bad.