Cool, so you opened this thread because something in the title intrigued you. Now why don't you click the link below to check out the music of said intriguing thing?


-Prog metal influenced by Killswitch, Tool, and many others
-Played Warped 09 in Indianapolis

Also, we're currently on the search for a new drummer since we were forced to get rid of ours and were playing with a temp guy for awhile. So if you or anyone you know lives near Bloomington, Indiana and wants to try out, send me a message.

Thanks for reading, see you around.
Hey just listening to your muic now, its pretty good, although I think the vocals need a little morep ower. If you were to compress them slightly more and up the gain very slightly just to push the vocals further foward in the mix.

I noticed you have the album released now so it's a bit late hehe sorry! I like it though, I can hear the Killswitch influence, particulary in the vocals, Good Stuff