Im new here and was looking for some advice. Im currently learning the guitar and I use a fender squire but as Im getting more into it I was thinking about getting one of these Epiphone Les Paul-100 Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

I was just wondering if it is much better then the one Im currently using and is it worth upgrading.

thanks in advance
yeah sure it would be better than a fender squire i went from a Fender squire telecaster to a Epiphone Sg G-400
not really worth it, save up more. not much point gettnig a enw guitar from that unless your spending about £300 on it
I would say (without knowing which squier model you have) that they would both be the same quality wise and to save your money.
I can't really see the point in this as the Les Paul "100" is a pretty mediocre guitar as well. I would suggest that you keep playing your squier until you have progressed far enough as a musician to know what it is you're looking for in a guitar for before you go ahead and buy something that's at least worthwhile.

There's really no point in having too many low end guitars from the start since you'll probably regret getting them later when you're drooling for a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Mustang or whatever.
Isn't the LP 100 discontinued? Could be a good time to get a discount but it just seems to me to be another starter guitar, not much better than what you have. They do play quite nicely despite the bolt-on neck and strange woods.
In the same direction, consider an Agile, possibly the AL2000 if money is tight. I believe they have a more traditional Les Paul sound and would represent more of an upgrade from your Squier.
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Quote by Lurcher

In the same direction, consider an Agile, possibly the AL2000.

Im in the UK though and from what Ive just read they arnt available here.
From my experience, after you have one starter guitar, don't buy anything until you have about $500-600 USD (not sure how much that is in pounds, 300-400?). The quality of guitar really skyrockets until that price range.
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I had a les paul 100 in ebony, and it is a pretty good guitar. A little thin sounding but for the price, good.
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