Hey rockers, can anyone answer a few questions for me? I'm trying to perform AC/DC's Back in black, but I'm not able to get the right tone on my guitar and amp. can anyone tell me what the tone nobs are suppose to be set at?Also is there any sound effects present in this song? Thanks, Rock on and Peace out!!!
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No sound effects, it's played on a cranked Marshall with a flat EQ.
What kind of amp do you have?


I would've thought any OD pedal would have enough crunch for AC/DC.
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or, clean channel and a light overdrive, with ALOT of vibrato in your solos.

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Thanks for the info on the gear. what should my bass, treble,mid,master,and volume nobs be set to on my amp and the tone and volume nobs on my guitar? The guitar I'm using is a solid body Arbor (a GIBSON LES PAUL SG KNOCK OFF,sounds and looks like Gibson SG).
Do you think I'll be able to find the sound I'm looking for with the gear I have or should I go shopping?