So I suck at song progressions and I'd like some help with a couple of my songs. They are not long...

The songs are named by the genre they represent. Please tell me what sucks and what is cool (if there is any).

Thanks to you in forehand.

I will C4C as much as I can, but I'll be more than glad to crit peoples stuff who check out more than one tab!

///Uploaded gp 4 versions
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The acoustic one is really nice. You could maybe go back to the first part and then end it with that after the second part is done. That would make it more complete imo. Also, maybe you could insert a 16th note here or there to mix it up a bit

Computer Destroyah starts off good but kinda goes downhill from there . One of my main problems is the drums. You're a bit cymbal happy me thinks hahah. Also, you could use some fills and perhaps a different beat somewhere. The guitars are good, but I think it deserves one riff that isn't based off the main one. It also seems a bit repetitive, but if you plan to add vocals I might not think that anymore. The solos were good, although I dunno if the end of the first one fits.

Sorry if I was too critical heheh.

I want to return the favour but I only have GP5.0
Won't run your tabs.

If you are awesome upload a GP4 or midi please
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Computer Destroyah: The first repetition part of the first riff went on for too long, IMO. It could use a teeny bit of variation, if only a change of percussive patterns. For the record, that applies to the second riff too. I like the solo introduction, and I think the inclusion of Tetris was a cool touch. So yeah, a little less repetition and you're good. It's not really my cup of tea anyways :P

Doomy: The intro and plucking parts up until 12 are lovely, save for one thing: I would have liked to see some modest drum introduction after the first two repetitions of the intro. I've attached an example of how I feel you could have done it. (Feel free to throw it in the bin, I'm not supposed to tell you exactly how to do stuff, but just take it into consideration.) The first hard riff is decent, and the rest of the song is good. Again, it's a little bit too much repetition, that again can be sorted out with just some percussive varations. Still, I think it could do well in i.e. a computer game.

Dunno: Repetitive. And I don't really like the first riff, it sounds very generic all by itself. The second one would be great with some variations in rif***e though.

Open C acoustic: This was really good. Very soothing and relaxing. I have no real critique for it.

Post Rocky: Again, some variation would do it good. The second repetition block sounds good the way it is. This piece has some kind of lullaby-offspring feel to it.

Trashy song: The intro could be improved by adding a more dominant bassline after the two first repetitions. (Just one where it plays the same as the guitar would be sufficient.) I really like the riffs, even though they become samey after a while.

So yeah, bottom line: less repetition, more variation. And maybe work some on your intros.

Otherwise it's all good.

EDIT: D'oh. Forgot the attachement.
Doomy CMon edit.gp5
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As promised.

I really liked the feel of this track. The clean parts flowed well into the distored and the simple lead line used really did work well. The drum track was pretty good as well. A bit short but still a good track


Computer destroyah.

This was alot different to the first song I listened to. Fast and furious. The riffs flowed well together and they packed a punch. I wasn't to sure on the intro but it worked. The solo's were very "Slayer" and worked well. The tetris theme on the other hand was questionable at best. Another great track.

7/10 - Get abit more tech and lose the Tetris.
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