Basically, I need to set my guitar up today, as in ASAP, as I'm bringing it to school tomorrow morning where I will be staying with it all week. I won't be coming home til Friday night. I asked this question in the official set up thread but I don't have time to wait for an answer in there

Anyway, last time I tried lowering the action on my guitar (strat style trem) it completely messed up the intonation. What do I have to do to fix this?

Apologies again for making a new thread about this but I have to get this done before the end of today
The screw that is connected to the saddle. Don't know how to explain it but in this pic

it is the black screw.

edit: In this pic #2 is the screw you want.

Also read the bit under "Intonation " for the instructions on how to set it
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