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11 61%
7 39%
Voters: 18.
I've always loved folk blues so I pulled my fingerpicking together to write one. I like songs that have happy sounding chords and slightly psychotic lyrics
Recorded a few solos that were more technically challenging but they didn't really fit, I had to mentally force myself to do something this simple. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I like your track Carmour, good luck to you!
Carmour's playing is great as usual, but Jimmy94 wrote an awesome song and I like the singing a lot, so he got my vote.
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Both so awesome. It makes me feel ashamed of my tracks. People have worked very hard for these duels, overdubbing vocals, guitars, making drum tracks...
All I have done is downloading backing tracks of known songs and raping the pentatonic scale over them .

I'm going for Carmour on this one.
Is there some kind of story behind Maybelline?

Really enjoyed yours Jimmy, much more organised and well produced song than mine. Was hoping to get a better sound recording done, but real lifes being a bitch so I had to use one of my older tracks.. would've liked to put up something a bit more professional sounding but thems the breaks
Quote by urik
Is there some kind of story behind Maybelline?

the story of women!

Nah, I was just putting a twist on the old blues story, at first it seems like the woman treated the man badly but instead it turns out the man is a psychopath
both songs are interresting
Jimmy's fingerpicking song is very nice and the solo of carmour is deep and killer blues...
both high class and hard to choose
They are both awesome, but love Jimmy's song, so gotta go with him on this one. I reckon this is gonna be a close duel though!
Jimmy got my vote. I think carmour's was spoiled by the recording quality unfortunately cos technically it was extremely good. Liked the Maybelline picking and the lyrics were great.
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