So i have a bit of fret buzz on my 260SM i got it used last months,

I'm wondering if i should get a setup done but everything seems fine

Just a bit of buzz on the low E at times

Should i adjust the trust rodd? if so how would i go about doing it

I only get fretbuzz when i strum a bit to hard, not overly hard but it does happen during in normal playing sometimes

From what i can tell the neck is perfectly straight there doesn't seem to be any bow or whatever else in it
If the neck is 'perfectly straight' it may need to be relaxed a little. Most players prefer a very slight concave. There's several setup threads so I won't repeat them here. Generally a little fret buzz is best cured by raising the action slightly at the bridge, but it depends at which frets it is happening.
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i wouldn't try adjusting the truss. i suggest trying to raise the action of your low E.
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You just need to raise the action a little
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for steps on how to raise action you should check out the green link in my sig.

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