Ive got about another month, i need to get a good song thats like, on an acoustic or electric, no big woop.. But i need it to be just for a guitarist and to sound ok.

I know this sounds a tad retarted, thanks for replys.


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Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen (however you see it) can be done like that. You can also try Galapogos by The Smashing Pumpkins or See The World by Gomez (both cracking tunes)

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fairly easy but my my hey hey (out of the blue) by neil young
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I don't know how good you are or how long the piece needs to be, so sorry if im under/overestimating you
If you're any good at finger picking I would suggest Your Revolution Is A Joke by Funeral for a Friend, or Voiceless Screaming by X.
If you're looking for something chord based, I would suggest playing The Cure, Friday I'm In Love or Just Like Heaven actually can't fail, or The Kill by 30STM, that sounds great on acoustic.
You - Black Stone Cherry, that's a great thing to do on an acoustic.
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Peggy Sue- Buddy Holly.
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Loads of stuff by Stereophonics.
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How 'bout the intro to Crazy On You by Heart?

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Blackest Eyes- Porcupine Tree.
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