I tested 3 valve amps all in the same price range of £400. I used a Gibson SG.

I loved the Fender clean sound and really preferred this to the Epiphone amp. Thing is the Epi amp has 2 x 12inch speakers and 30 watts over the Fenders 15.
I can't help but think the Epi offers so much more fo the money.

Then i tried the Orange Tiny Terror, oh my what a great metal tone! This was the coolest amp with the best driven tone.

Thing is i am totally stumped on what to do. I want the Fender for the clean tone and the Orange for the gain tone, but maybe i didn't give the Epi a chance?

Any advice on these amps is much appreciated. I am wondering whether the Fender with a pedal will match the Orange, therefore be the best bet?

I notice none of these amps have effects loops, headphone outs or Line ins... all of these things worry me too.

Orange - good for higher gain, suffers on cleans.
Epi blues custom - advantage of more clean headroom, its a larger version on the Valve special (5)
Fender - very good cleans, good blues drive.

it all comes down to preference.

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Start with a good clean tone. You can get pedals for overdrive/distortion, there's no pedals for cleans.
Quote by stykerwolf
Take a look at the Hayden MoFo, the Blackstar HT-5, Vox AC15...

I am after a combo amp really, although the Hayden looks cool.
I will try to find a Blackstar to try.

Is an effects loop something that the Fender will need to be used with pedals effectively?
The Blues Custom is a fairly different beast to the Valve Special or Standard, and out of those, it would be the first amp I would choose but if it's not your sound, it's not your sound. As far as effects loops and stuff, the amps you've been looking at are designed with tonal integrity and vintage style features (or lack of) in mind.

Maybe look into something like a Laney VC30. If you're looking for heavier, and more modern tones, check their LC30 out. What styles do you play?