Didn't sound half bad to my ears. Down tuned to A sometimes can sound muddy also.
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Yeah I've EQ'd it a bit to make it sound a bit better - I haven't completely scooped the mids out

- are there generally a certain string gauge recommended for down tuned guitars.

By the way cheers for the positive comments Maximuse + Joeperry!
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Yeah, thicker strings tend to hold more tension, making them better for down tuning. They sound pretty awesome in standard also .
Awesome distortion, much clearer than some others I've heard.
The clean guitars at the start are part of the heavy sound and you can just make them out when the distorted tracks come in - in total there are four guitar tracks going, two distorted, two clean - I think that's what makes it a bit clearer. I've put chorus on one distortion track as well and that's a lightish one.

Thanks for the comment FrustratedRocka - I think amp sims are about layering sounds together otherwise they sound a bit weak. I was going to change pickups for a heavier sound but on another thread people said it's more important what you're going into (amps/ FX) as opposed to the pick ups (the ones I use are PAF-7s that Korn use after all so I guess this makes sense)
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I thought it sounded pretty cool.
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