i want to record a new song composed by me and i have problems with Cubase.After i record the guitar, i push the button "play" to hear what i played but i can't hear anything, i tried everything but it doesn't work.can you help me please to solve this problem, or can you recommend me another program?
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If you have tried everything there is no possible way that it might work. And if you have tried everything, why do you need help?

But seriously how did you plug your guitar to your pc? That is the only information we need to help you.
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OK back on topic, when you recorded did it show up in the arranger view? Waveform and all?

Have you set up your in and outs in the preferences?

Have you armed the track for recording?
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why would he switch to a new free program when he already has cubase? cubase is a pretty kick'n program. if you actually get into and learn about what it can do and how to do it, it's quite amazing.

when you record it, do the waveforms show up on the track? if not, then it didn't actually record your guitar. if they are there then i'm not quite sure, but i know that it's easy to record air when you think you're recording guitar. (i do it all the time...) perhaps the output of your computer needs to be changed?
Some sequencers can't play back audio if the track is still record enabled so you might have to "unarm" it. Don't know if that applies to Cubase though.
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thanks for your answers dudes.yes, when i record the guitar the waveforms show up on the track.today i will try to record this song again on my friend's computer because my computer is too weak for Cubase.