Hey I need some help

I need a new guitar, obviously , but have no idea which one. I play pretty much all styles but alot more indie and alternative stuff. I was originally thinking about getting a rickenbacker but the price is a BIG BIG Problem, so any ideas of guitars to get.

Go used. You can get a lot more for your money by looking at your local Gumtree site and eBay (yes, eBay still has some good deals!).

First things first though - what amp do you have? This has a bigger impact on your sound than your guitar and will get you closer to your desired tones. If your amp is gash, then look into getting something decent. If you have a maximum budget of £600, I would get an amp such as the Laney VC-15, and pair it up with either a used Fender Tele, or an Epiphone semi hollow, like a Dot or a Casino.
For indie and alternative, a Fender Jaguar is perfect.
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thanks for the ideas, but as it looks, i may try and get a semi hollow model, whihc are the best brands for that sort of money and im hoping to get a new one not used

If you want to get ripped off then it's up to you.

What amp do you have?
+1 to the PRS SE. If you stretch your budget by 100 more, you can get one of them brand new I'd bet. Used, no doubt. Brilliant guitars in my opinion.
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