I'm looking for a decent set of headphones to use for bedroom playing with my HT5. My budget's around $150, but i'd prefer to go under $100. Any suggestions for a good pair?
This is what I have. I am very happy with them. I use them for playing so I don't have the police called on me and my wife screaming. Everywhere I looked they get great ratings. You could possibly find them for around $80. If not, get them when Guitar Center has a sale going on 10-20% off. This will knock it down to around 80.
Just about any by Sennheiser in their HD line are very, very good. I have some that were maybe 60 dollars and they're incredible for the price (actually better than others at that range).

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those Sennheisers are wonderful. i had some of those for a while.

also look at Ultrasone's HFI 550's i've got those at the moment and they're wonderful too. a touch brighter than the Sennheisers if i remember right.

another good pair are the Sony MDR-7506. i've used those at my school a few times and a lot of people there pick those over anything else.
Make sure you look at the Sennheiser Hd280's
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