I run my amp through two pedal and then into my guitar. I run it through my tuner and a tube screamer. I used to always be able to unplug all my cables after I was done playin and keep my amp on with the cable runnin from the amp to the tunner plugged in. This used to keep my amp totAlly silent as if it was off but now when I do this I usually get a loud feedback sound back lately. Anyone possibly know why this is? Thanks
try changin the order of the pedals and placing the tuner on the last position
Flick the standby switch on the amp... that causes miracles to happen

***on a sidenote, most tuners have a bypass/mute function, so put that on and you won't have a problem.... and keep your tuner upfront before fx... (just to counter the above post, otherwise your sound is flavoured before it goes into it).
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