So what exactly are blues turnarounds? I have heard about them and think I have a rough idea of what they are but i'm not 100% sure and just want clarification

Thanks, Aidan.
ii V(7) I is a very common turnaround. The functionality of it is to create a strong resolution to the tonic at the end of the progression.
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another term that could use some standard nomenclature ... for some its the last four bars of the 12 bar progression...alot of blues/rock folks use it that way...in jazz its any series of chords used in place of an extended duration of the tonic chord..

IMA7 vim7 iim7 V7
vim7 II7b5 V7#9 bII13

there are alot just using unaltered diatonic chords-first example..alter them and use substitutions as i did in the second example and you have over a hundred ...

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