I dont have any normal amps loud enough to gig with, and if they were im sure they would both sound terrible. However I have a 50 watt Marshall AS50R, and I was wondering, if I bought a nice pedal such as a rat/tubescreamer, would I be able to get a decent distortion out of it? This would be a great help, as instead of needing to save up £400 for a new amp that sounds decent, I would need £70 - £100 for a nice pedal.

I tried running both my cube and my mg through it (flameshield) and while effects like delay and chorus came through, the distortion sounded almost like it was underwater, most of the time you got a particularly bassy clean (no where near as good as the cleans normally are on that amp) and a little bit of distortion coming through ocasionally. Would a pedal be ok? and if not, is there anything I can do to my amp that would make it work?

You might want to get a distortion pedal instead of an od pedal, youll get more breakup. You can get some pretty good distortion from an aucostic amp, but it will be alot brighter than a regular amp.
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what are some good distortion pedals? And is a distortion pedal distorted enough to play stuff like U2, REM, Muse at the heaviest?? I dont play any metal, and cleans are probably more important to me, but I do like a fair bit of distortion in my solo's to make it stand out more against the band...
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A good, dark distortion pedal will do fine i think, maybe a blackstar HT-5 pedal would do good, but really, a better amp is always better then jillions of pedals

You mean ht-dual, not ht-5
But yeah, it's not a bad idea to get a ht-dual, pretty good pedal, maybe a bit off your price range though.
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Didn't know the exact name, but doesn't the HT-5 use the ht-dual for it's gain?

The ht-dual is pretty much the ht-5's preamp section in a pedal