I'm quite exited about the prospects of these two songs and I've taken some time and care in molding them so far. I've tried making something innovative, while still retaining a popish, accessible feel.

Note how the GP4 version is just a simple export and that the instruments have not been molded in that one.

C4C on this.
Song 21:
It had a nice feeling. That's something I wouldn't normally listen but it was not bad. I liked the rhythm and the use of chromatic scales. Also, the last bar was great. Sorry for the little amount of text but I don't know about that kind of music

Song 64:
The intro riff has too small amount of variation, the notes between the C's are just too close to each other if you know what I mean But I really liked the thingy starting at part 17. Really good use of rhythms. The last part was pretty good but you should do something to the melody... don't know what.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1199426
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First one (21):
I really like the melodies/solo stuff you did with the lead guitar, they sound awesome.I don't like the riffs, they're kinda cheesy. E.g. the intro riff sounds just like some nirvana/nickelback ripoff standart riff, but the melody makes it all sound a lot better . You really should finish that song.
Second One (64):
The first riff was really boring for me just sounds like every second metalcore intro riff. When the second guitar comes in it becomes getting better and the second riffs is really nice (starts at bar 16). When the second guitar comes in again it sounds cool too and the rhythm thing at 25-28 gives it a groovy feeling. The last riff could develope to something cool I think.

Crit if you like to.