Hey guys ive been playing guitar for four years and just scored a weekly gig at a local coffee shop starting in about six weeks. Its just my guitar and my friend megan and I singing. I want a setup that will sound good but nothing too expensive. I'd be playing to anywhere from 15 to 75 people. I have an electric acousic of course but i need to buy a pa system, mics, and possibly a acoustic amp. My budgets about $700-$800 and I don't want to sacrifice sound quality but the cheaper the better of course if I can get a solution for like $500 I'd be ecstatic. Also can you run an acoustic straight through a pa? Thanks in advance for all suggestions
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you can run an acoustic straight through a pa. You could also mic the guitar which is what i perfer in setting like that
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ok thanks i appreciate it, could reccomend any specific pa systems or what i should look for in such situations?
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Yamaha PA systems provide a great bang for the buck.
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this is probably all you need for a setting like that, but this one will also be useful in somewhat larger settings as well.


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I'm shocked the venue doesn't have a PA of its own. They should.

As far as acoustic amps go, the Fender Acoustasonics are good amps. The cheaper option would be to buy a direct in box. Plug the acoustic into that, the box to the PA. You CAN go straight to the PA, but it won't sound as good. As far as mics go, head to a music shop and try a bunch out to see which one suits your voice best. A cool thing you could do as far as mics go, if you want a sort of natural-ish voice effect, is get a Shure Green Bullet harmonica mic. When you sing into one it gives you a kinda tunnel-like old radio sound and really accentuates your breathing, which also sounds pretty cool.
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