OK I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now but havent taken it very seriously up until now. About the height of my ability is to play intros and riffs but not whole songs. I know the CAGED system and some theory but its kinda all over the place.

What i need is a plan to stream line my guiatar practice so that i get the most out of a short space of time. I go to college so I have weekends and evenings to practice.

I would like to know how you guys set up your practice sessions and what we practice and from that i can compile my own practice plan. Just techniques, scales, chord progressions etc to get me started.

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I start by learning how to spell Guitar.
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but seriously maybe get some lessons or even just speak to some people you know who play guitar about it
i just pick up my guitar when ever i feel like it and play or when im on the computer, you could most proberly find what you want to learn on youtube lessons
''2 years playing not really seious..''
not enough details on that
but just practice 1-2 hours a day consistently,if you can't commit there's no way to get good
it took me four years to really get serious about guitar. Biggest thing with practice is practice what needs the most work. If you don't have a good picking technique work on that, if you want but have trouble reading music, work on that. Everyone is going to have a different practice routine just find what works best for you and will make you a better guitar player. But if you can get a teacher or have time, DO IT!
Well it's different for everyone.

You just need to sort out your weaknesses and make them into strengths through nearly endless hours of focus and practice.

There's no magical universal exercise or anything like that, everyone has their own needs to address in practice time so what works well for one person, any other can look at it and be like, "Why the hell would you even think of wasting your time on that?"

The main thing you'd need to focus on, like I said, is just rounding out your technique.

If you can't alternate pick well, focus on that.

If you have problems with certain chord transitions, practice those, possibly at different tempos.

If you need to work on your bends, work on them bends.

It's all just a matter of working out what you need as a guitarist.
I always find that practicing everything a little bit everytime I play goes a lot further than practice one technique until I get it and then move on to another technique.

It's all about being well rounded as a player.
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I wouldn't go as far as making a strict practice plan, but you could make sure you do like 20 - 30 mins on sections on the guitar in which you struggle (like tapping sweeping, scales, whatever really) and then after that just play a couple of hours on stuff you feel like.
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Get a metronome, and just go through every scale you know in every position chromatically. It will seriously help your playing. I did this for an hour or so yesterday and was amazed at how much better I felt.
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