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Am I the only person who finds this new fad of romper-suit-esque t-shirts from Topman that every college kid over here wears, 110% absurd?
Every Topman-sheep seems to be wearing them, and everyone these days seems to be a Topman sheep! I remember when buying shirts from Topman made you cool.. now this new craze has made everyone look a complete tool.
Walk through college, 75% of the male students are wearing these every day! Does it not annoy anyone else?
I think they look plain stupid.

Am I really one of the only ones?
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I've never seen one of those.
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Doesn't bother me to be honest, although I don't wear them.
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Depends, I have some all black ones which actually are quite smart looking so come in handy for smart casual places. The ones with random colours I think look a bit stupid.
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Some of them look stupid, like the ones with different coloured sleeves, but some of them look okay.

I have a couple of the same sort of style (not from Topman), that are just plain without the bright colours on the end of the sleeves and 'collar'.

EDIT: Basically what jambi_mantra said, I've got a plain black one aswell.
im wearing one right now

nothing wrong with them.
what do YOU wear, TS...? >.>
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people over here just deck themselves out with american eagle, aeropostale and holister (which is essentially aeropostale with a bigger pricetag)

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Yeah everyone at my college wears them, they might look okay but when every single person in the room is wearing one, jesus :|
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those look pretty sweet actually, i wouldn't mind getting a few

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On Topic: Those shirts are retarded, a lotta people* wear them around here...

*(F ags)
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I have loads of those shirts, if you don't like them, don't wear them. God.
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Must be a UK thing, haven't seen them accross the pond at all.

Kinda effeminate looking, or was that the lady's version you posted?
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People over here are too Americool to wear them .

you just won yourself a cool stack my fellow american.
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I see absolutely stacks of them around now. I don't particularly mind them, well, more low key versions look quite nice I think; but the fact that there are so many around now, all brand new, all worn by guys that look the same, is awful. Urgh.
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We've (meaning I've) all seen it now boy.
I haven't seen anyone wearing that, but they don't look bad at all.

If you don't like it just don't wear it.
They are pretty cool and versatile. I have a have a few topman tees because you can wear them with anything really. Also 2 for £10 is pretty cheap. Although they are over worn by people.
I have one but i don't like it....i wouldn't wear it to go out anywhere. I agree that everyone is wearing them to be "part of the crowd"
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personally, I don't mind them, they don't suit me, so I don't wear them but it's just another fad. It'll pass, and it's much less hideous than these ridiculous condom hats.
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I go to a small private school in America, Texas, none the less, and while I've never seen those, I REALLY like them.
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If you wanna look like the cast of Skins go for it.

I personally only like the black ones.
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they're only popular cause they're quite cheap.
I normally look like topman threw up on me, but i don't have any of these shirts.
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Better than shutter shades, I gotta say.

Oh my goodness those are stupid.

Sorry, what?
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personally, I don't mind them, they don't suit me, so I don't wear them but it's just another fad. It'll pass, and it's much less hideous than these ridiculous condom hats.

I f*****g know that guy IRL vaguely haha, where did you get that picture?!

Anyway, I think they look a little girly when ther're really colourful, but don't really mind them tbh, just a fad.
I don't mind them. They're only a tenner for two and as long as you don't get the stupid coloured ones that look like they were designed by a 4 year-old, you shouldn't really feel stupid.
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Pretty much 50% of my college wears them. I don't know why but the one's where there's 3 separate colours for the collar and sleeves look really stupid IMO. If they were all the same colour and it all matched then they'd probably look half decent.

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Sorry, what?
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Topman is good, I just dont suit those shirts,

You can get jeans for a fiver in Topman, its insane.

A fiver? Holy crap, I wouldn't give a shit if one leg was red and the other fuchsia, I'd get them.
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