Post some pics of your favourites!

And also, recommend me some hollowbody guitars that are classy, quality, preferably Double-cut, and cost less than $800.

I'll start.

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If you want a great hollowbody for under $800, get a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe. They are $740, and they look, play, and sound amazing.

Pure sex imo, 599$ retail I believe
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Damn, I want a Hollowbody now.
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Gibson Vegas High Roller

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Epiphone Dot studios. Good platform to start on, and easy to upgrade due to a pretty good build quality. And the are pretty sexy too, the faded cherry one is so sweet. Plus they are soo sheap brand new that you can afford to drop more money into them (I think the are $299 brand new, and you can find them used for under $200)
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inb4 ES-335

(seriously, no one posted one yet?)
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