I recently played through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I really liked the amp, but I'm still torn between those four amps in the title. I want an amp with good cleans but my main focus is a dirtier sound and the drive channels on the deluxe weren't that good. Out of those four, which would you recommend to get a dirty telecaster sound almost like page's tele in the early yardbirds and led zep days? (I have a mia tele)
If you need decent Fendery cleans and some nice smooth overdrive please take a hard look at the Traynors. They are under-rated and a great value for the price. I've played the YCV and the YCS series.

I have not played any Laney's but I have played the Vox AC30CC, which is also a nice amp.

If I had to chose between all of these, I'd probably take the Traynor YVC50 Blue due to its Marshall like qualities that I enjoy.