Hey, UG!

I'm learning Treacherous Gods by Ensiferum right now, and after practising it for a while I've got it comfortably up to 98bpm. The only problem is when I've been practicing the main riff for a while, I get an ache in the forearm of my picking arm.

Is this something that will just go away through building up stamina?
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practice more and you will build stamina. its the only way im afraid

cheers, i was hoping that was the answer rather than i had some ****ed up technique lol
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Is this something that will just go away through building up stamina?

Yes. If you were to try and run 10 miles flat out your legs would ache as well. You'll build up stamina as you play.
like all of them said, it takes practice to build up your stamina. just go find some exercies to do daily, if you stick to those and are truly dedicated to it you WILL increase your speed.
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Well, 2 things...
1) It could be a lack of stamina or...
2)Make sure that you aren't tensing up in your forearm. If any part of your arm is tight or tense, You will get these problems. Find the highest speed you can play at while staying loose, and practice there until you can get faster and faster. Just make sure your loose, it holds you back now, and leads to more serious physical problems later on. Trust me. I am on my schools drumline, and we have to fix the same preblem a LOT.
Is it a burn, like a running burn, An ache like you just ran alot, or is it a sort of spiking ache, like you over stretched or something? Is it ache, or is it pain?

Ache is just a lack of stamina, while pain would lead to improper technique. As said above, stay loose, relaxed, and use wrist, not arm.