I have a progression for a song that goes

Bsus4 (x2240x) Asus2 (x0220x)

each for two measures

I can't think of many other chords that keep a similar mood with these. Maybe Emadd11, Em9, or Asus2/C?

This is kind of a vague question, but any ideas would be appreciated.
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more than a theoretical thing i think that you might want to keep that B string open in your next chords
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a technical note - but that B contains no 5th - it's nor really a chord, the only notes are B E so it's just a dyad or an inversion of a power chord.

Since i don't know how you intend to play these chords o don't know the mood you've already created - the 2 most logical things for me seem to be to drop to an F#m or move up to a C#m. I also agree with the above - holding a pedal note is a great way of keeping a mood flowing if you can't quite think what to do next.
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