probably no c4c.

I'm the Fourier Transform of failure.
A projection of an error in real-space
onto meta-space.

A mathematical Freudian slip;
god's tongue tied in knots as
he spoke me into existence.
A few of his integrals
tripped over a differential element;
and I became a slope instead of an area.

A few of my fibers are resonating with
angular frequency lower than they're supposed to be;
a few of my particles aren't free to roam
inside the negative potential
that defines my body.

My divergence is dropping,
I'm becoming a sink in the life-energy field.
My curl is rising and my skin is spiraling
and the field is crashing around me.
Eyes are becoming dark matter
intelligence is dropping
A x B is no longer a vector
and I'm eating its bisectors.
All these numbers are spawning friends;
their grouping in theories and raising their gauges
and recruiting quarks and leptons to fight against phases.

Yet over the hill, Max Planck is riding;
a white horse like Gandalf.
Behind him Niels Bohr and James Maxwell
toting pens of grandeur and IQs of steel.
If only I could harness their powers;
before they ride out of sight,
this battle could be won.

Now its back to the trenches as the world slowly crumbles;
I'll continue to melt with a dropping specific heat,
until I'm nothing more than a puddle on the xy-plane.
I stumbled over the word integrals for some reason. I'm sure nobody else would, but I'm strange I guess.

Nicely written. Are you a mathematician of some sort? Because I've seen a couple other
math-oriented pieces from you.

I enjoyed recalling all the stuff I've learned in school that I keep thinking I will never use.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
Brings a new meaning to Math Rock, eh?

I like it, although it makes me think way to much about my Multivariable Calc class from last year, which is never a good thing.

Also, the second to last paragraph might just be the nerdiest thing I have ever read. Planck and Gandalf. Loser...
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Don't argue with my new deity.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
Jean Fourier is mah booooooy!!!

EDIT: but I didn't like this. A piece with so much math reminds me of school. Not what I want to think of on a Sunday. Even if the piece isn't really about math.
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Did you just open a calculus book or something ?

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Math and Physics and I'm working on a PhD in physics. This is how I normally think.

For the record, nothing is more elegant and poetic than a Fourier Transform. It's perfection.
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For the record, nothing is more elegant and poetic than a Fourier Transform. It's perfection.

Wrong! I can think of two things that are more elegant and poetic. Left boob and right boob.

Anyways, this didn't do a whole lot for me, though I'm not sure if it was intended to do much for anyone else anyways. I wouldn't say I disliked it, but it just didn't tickle my fancy. Wish I could elaborate more. Sorry.

Only you could pull this off, boy-o. Wasn't a favourite of mine, but it was a nice mind-trip all the same. Hate to tell you, but yer mind is a dull place, kiddo