will Baritone String (16-22-29-48-60-70) Fit On A Normal 6 String Acoustic?!?
Not without some filing to your nut, and maybe bridge. You'll also have to get the intonation right, since you're applying much more pressure to the neck.

I'd say it's not really worth the effort on an acoustic.
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Why would you want those strings?
3 octaves down tuning?
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Why would you want those strings?
3 octaves down tuning?

Drop Z.
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Your not gonna get baritone tone just by putting a set of baritone strings on a regular guitar.
Tackleberry I have a 6 string wit basically the same gauge strings as the op in B and it works just fine, i adjusted the truss rod and intonation and the action and the "tone" is the same as a baritone. Its in the same tuning.
how can the tone be the same when your string tension is off by 10 pounds.
you have a baritone right next to it to compare?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer