I'm looking for a band aiming to play regular gigs and write their own songs. I listen to stuff like arctic monkeys, the libertines, the raconteurs, the white stripes, david bowie, the kills, but I'm completely open to all genres (apart from pop punk).

I tend to play rhythm guitar and sing when I have jammed with friends in the past, but I have no problems playing lead and doing the backing vocals. I have wrote a few songs myself with an acoustic guitar, and a few others with a friend and my bro, but that's about it.

I'm available to practice nearly any day of the week. My gear is gig-ready and I've experience playing live, both by myself and in a band.

danny_edwards@hotmail.co.uk or e-mail me for my mobile number.

i was looking to get something started, ive been playing for about 3 years on me own in me room, never played live or anything like that. I play acoustic and electric guitar but the amp ive got is shit, just a 10 watt thing need to get a new one.

the killers, kings of leon , the kooks, bloc party, mgmt, green day, white lies, a little linkin park, snow patrol, the cure, fleetwood mac, some motown. i dont mind some hip hop and rnb aswell.

open to anything really except that horrible screaming metal stuff were you cant understand what the **** there saying.

just looking to mess around abit jam an see what comes of it.