It should be sped up, instead of like standard boring picking in the intro id suggest triplets, gives it more of a metal gallop if you know what i mean :P also cut back on on the octaves a bit, i found them annoying after a while,

Andy ou need more mids in your tone :P

Appart from that it was a nice composition
Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
I would try to get a better transition from the intro to the next riff. It feels awkward.
Otherwise i like the riffs. I dont know if its just my autocomposition in my head but do i hear some harmonization? If not, i think in the second part of the intro it could be harmonized. Maybe some minor 3rds?

Take a look at my band.


Hope to hear from you.
kind of rough sounding. but it has potential. i think drums would help a lot. but this just seems flat. i think you need a chord or rythem change. then again this is just the start of the song. i would love to hear it when its done. youre tone sounded decent although not too crisp.

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