Hi. I'm new to UG.
I have a squier strat and bad fender 15 watt solid state, and I have some money, so I've been looking for new stuff.

I've been looking at the laguna le400q, le200q, and an ibanez rg tremolo (you know they're all the same) for guitars.

I'm looking at the blackstar ht-5 mini half stack and the bugera v22 for amps.

My questions are:
1.Guitar or amp?
2.Locking trem or fixed bridge?
3.Is the floyd on the laguna an original? (I don't think it is.) If it isn't, does anybody know if its better or worse than the edge iii?
4.What wattage of amp should I get if I get one?

I've been playing for 1 1/2 years, and play at home mostly, if that makes any difference. I only have so much money, so if I bought one thing, I'd have to save up a year or two for the other.
what's your entire budget, what genres and bands do you play, etc.

1) I'd go for the amp
2) Fixed bridge for what I'm guessing your price range is
3) Probably not, Edge III, although its still pretty eh, is probably the best floating trem in the price ragne.
4) If you're just bedroom practicing, get a 30 watt if you're going solid state, idk about tube amps.
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a better amp can make a cheap guitar sound great.

if you plan on playing with a drummer, i'd say get an amp with 2-4 speakers. anywhere from 30-100 watts.. theres not that much difference in volume wattage wise, it's the speakers really.

but if its just a practice amp, and its not going to leave your bedroom, then i'd say get an amp roughly the same size as your Fender amp. something with 1-2 speakers tops. anything more would be a little unnecessary. also consider a headphone jack and a line out for recording. what kind of music do you play.
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1. Amp.
2. In lower price ranges, go fixed. Low-end floyds are pure garbage.
3.It's not an original. The edge III is a very dodgy trem itself. follow this rule of thumb:
If it's not OFR then assume it's crap until someone says otherwise.

4.What wattage of amp should I get if I get one? for bedroom playing, 15 watts of tube is more than plenty, and 30 watt is a good solid state for bedroom.

I have a vox ac15cc1 i use on small gigs (tops 50). it's a 15 watt tube, but it's a pretty loud amp though.

On bigger stuff i'd go with something 30 watts or upwards tube, or 60 watts or more solid-stade.
Hmmm.... I play all sorts of stuff, from sublimey nice stuff to the old offspring hard rock stuff. I'm looking at tube amps, since I don't really care for something I'll want to replace in another year. So, any suggestions on something good? Oh, and what are some good coil split/hsh guitars?

Edit: If you plug a small (such as 5 watt) combo amp into a cabinet, does it get louder?
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