so i was jammin on my epi les paul standard. And ever since i got it all of the knobs are crooked. My rhythm controls arent that bad but treble controls are very crooked and when i twist them they are all slanty. Well today on my volume knob it was close to digging in the actually guitar. I lifted it like I always do then it popped off now i dont know how to put it back on because now the incriments are all messed up. Can someone please help? I would also like to know how to strsighten up my other knobs.
Turn the volume knob till its on 10 if you get me, and then put it on so that the 10 is pointing you. If it doesn't stick on properly, use a bit of sellotape to jam it in so that you can take the knob off if you have to.
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Yeah... Epiphone can't do things like put on knobs and switches very well. It should just be able to pop right back in? Pics or more details would be helpful.
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why does it need pics this is a really common occurence with knobs

TS:- as said turn it to either limit and put it back on, i wouldn`t use cellotape though as it traps dirt, if you need to pack it (which i don`t think you do) a tiny screwed up piece of paper will work fine.
all right my voulme knob is back in back but its still crooked any solutions? And im sorry my camera isnt working right now....