Here is the struction laid out above. Its so fustrating, am i supposed to buy a midi interface, along with TWO midi cables? all that annoying things just to import/export patches from computer to the G7?

If so what kind of midi interface should i buy? and what type of midi cables do i have to buy? is there certain brands i have to buy? Is there a way around all this (Yes i know usb doesn't work.)
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Uhm, you do realize that you only need need 1 midi cable? They come in wired togethor in sets of 2-3... (In, Out, Thru), and quite a few midi interfaces include the cables....

This is all you need:

Its about $40, works like a charm for me, no latency.
And i would guess crappier once i get from ebay would have more latency? Wait so then I can use this as a recording device, substituting the USB interface? or even connect it with my guitar rig 3?

Anyway i wanted to just use it mainly for import/export patch on the program. but i want to get thoese 9$ once on ebay... because 40$ is sort of out of my budget =( . What should i be looking at if i buy it on ebay?