two weeks ago I finished writing a new song for my band, its kinda thrashy but has some modern influences. it has a light early trivium feeling to me, but not too much. the solo is still missing, im waiting for the guitarist with that
I'll do C4C as always

Hey dude sounds cool, i wanna hear the band version of it !!!( when u have it ) I like the drums a lot

Ok im just gonna give you a LIL! opinion1 that's all it is dont take it the wrong way!
But idk I feel like is a lil...repetive?!?! Idk maybe it just me but w/e it still bad-ass!!

Ps...Did i mention i like the drums?! lol
Meh, its really generic, which if you want to write a generic song is fine, but I found it boring, it pretty much sticks to basic -core riffs that've been done a million times. Oh look, pedalriff #19283, oh look a nice I-VI-VII progression #19282.

Its not bad, I just don't think its very interesting as I've already heard it before, try to add some originality to it, or you won't be a band anyone remembers, think of metal bands people remember years later, were they just doing what everyone else was? No, they were doing something new and interesting, hence the reason they're remembered.. Anyways, C4C = https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1199739
Cool intro. I like the driving drum beat behind it. The main riff is incredibly generic. The verse was a bit better. I'm not sure why you have the key change at the gallop part. They key doesn't change there, and it certainly doesn't change to what you have written. The chorus was a little short. Perhaps repeat it and put some sort of lead over it? I usually dont like breakdowns but this one wasn't bad. It was really cool. Verse 3 was really neat. Not the typical accents you hear in metalcore. Bar 189 was also interesting. It was a little random and i dont think the transition to it was great, but the riff is cool.

Overall it's an ok song. It is pretty generic, but that happens when you attach "core" to the end. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1197091
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