I'm looking to invest in a decent electro-acoustic and just wanted to know if anyone knew anything more about these ones:
Fender Jazzmaster-acoustic: http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitars/Electro_Acoustic_Guitars/Electro_Acoustic_Guitars/sc1095/p6669_spec.aspx
Fender Teleacoustic: http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitars/Electro_Acoustic_Guitars/Electro_Acoustic/sc1095/p4366.aspx

Would these sound any good? I'm not looking for a perfect acoustic I'd just like something I can use to write songs on and maybe play the occasional acoustic set. Would I be okay plugging these into my normal guitar amp?

Any other suggestions would be good as well.

Thanks in advance
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these don't sound or feel very good. is it important to you to go with an odd shape?
Doesn't matter if its important. Oddly shaped guitars sound awful. There is a reason acoustics are all generally the same shape.

Anyway, what's your budget?
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if you're on a budget but still want quality, try a seagull acoustic electric or a yamaha fgx730sc. if you're not on a budget, there are lots of wonderful acoustic electrics out there depending on what features/size/shape/tonal qualities you are looking for.